We know that the factors which affect performance and skills doesn’t only improve by playing, we provide professional players the support they need to show their best.


We work to optimize the parameters that determine performance in a coordinated order.

A healthy mind in a health body.Mustafa Kemal Atatürk


Our Consultants Working in the Scene

  • Hakan 'H2O' Öztürk

    Ahmet 'Nova' Yılmaz
  • Arda 'Invokid' Başaran

    Bedirhan 'Raavas' Avcı
  • Murat 'Makrofaj' Sükuti

As the Winners Queue team;

We develop the perspective of all players and teams we can reach on esports performance.

We know that the performance displayed during the game is actually related to many other factors outside the game, and regardless of whether esports is seen as a sport, every professional player should work like an athlete.

In this way, we make everyone adopt what level of benefits games can have in our lives where learning and development are continuous, we explain the negative thoughts about games and esports in the most accurate way, and turn thoughts into positive.


I don’t have a contract with any team at the moment, can I join individually?
Yes. We serve to the professional players who don’t have a contract with any team as well.
Reach us to discover your full potential once again with our performance team!
Can players without professional experience join?
Honestly, the answer is neither yes nor no. We haven’t completed the planning situation which we desing for unprofessional players. But, we have great plans for them and if you reach us you may be the first to hear the news about this situation.
Can I get your support on a specific subject without joining the agency?
We are ready to meet you with the right person from our team who knows esports and esport players and also who can help you according to your needs. Reach us!
Our team works online, Is it possible for us to get service?
Our organization wouldn’t exist until even 2030 if we waited for every condition to be perfect. Contact us and see what we can do!
I make some research about esports but I don’t have a field experience yet. Can I join your team?
One of our strongest part is field experience and we can’t wait to pass that experience to other team members. The answer; Absolutely!
I want to join the team but I’m not sure if my field of expertise is needed. What should I do?
We think that esports need support from any kind of proficiency field. If you have passion, it is enough to gather great ideas and provide a good guidance. Share your ideas with us and lets see what we can do!
We are a new team, Can we get service?
Why not? You can reach us to discuss in detail.
I have a contract with a professional team but I want to get service individually. What should I do?
It doesn’t matter for us. If there is any problem for your team, you can reach us after you get their permission to join the service.

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